What’s Included in JustGive’s Donation Report for Nonprofits?


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What’s included in the Donation Report for nonprofits?

When your organization collects donations through JustGive, we provide detailed reporting for each donation you receive. You can view reports online, and download them as a PDF, CSV or Excel or XML file to use in your own database.

An example of a JustGive donation report (dummy data). Click to enlarge

An example of a JustGive donation report (dummy data). Click to enlarge

What information is included in JustGive’s Donation Report for nonprofits?

Here’s a detailed explanation of the data included in a JustGive Donation Report:

  • Source: This is the where the donation came from. In some cases it will read “JustGive,” but you may also see names of other JustGive partners whose users made donations to your organization such as PointWorthy, Cisco, Capella and others. If you are using a custom JustGive donate button or link, the source will display “Donate Now Button” for donations that came directly through your button or link.
  • Donation ID: This is the JustGive transaction number for the donation.
  • Partner Donation ID: This is the transaction identifier that a JustGive partner may have assigned when the donation was made.
  • Date: The date the donation was processed.
  • Name, Address, Email: If the donor chose to share this information with your organization, a name, mailing address and email address will be displayed. Donors can choose to share one, two, all or none of this information when they donate. If a field says “Anon” (Anonymous), that means the donor did not share the information.
  • Program: The specific program in your organization, if any, that the donor designated for the donation.
  • Gift Dedication: If the donor made the donation as a gift for someone, the gift recipient’s name will be displayed.
  • Memorial Dedication: If the donor made the donation in someone’s memory, the name of the person they gave in honor of will be displayed.
  • Recurring: If the donation made was part of a monthly recurring donation, “yes” will be displayed. (If it was not, “no” will be displayed.)
  • Donation Amount: The amount of the donation made by the donor. It is also the amount that was charged to the donor’s credit card.
  • Amount disbursed: The amount of the donation your organization is receiving, after fees were applied.

For more helpful question and answers, visit the JustGive Nonprofit Support Center.

– Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

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