Customizing Your Donation Page: 5 Ways


Customizing Your Donation Page

You want your organization’s Donation Page to be as compelling and effective as possible, making it easy to give. It needs to work seamlessly with your existing site and include your branding to create a familiar, comfortable experience for donors.  And it will generate donations most successfully when it echoes your key fundraising messages and needs. JustGive’s Donation Page design offers you choices to do just that.

Can we customize our Donation Page?

Yes, in several valuable ways.  Here are five items you can quickly change so your Donation Page produces better results:


Upload a logo for your organization in .jpg, .jpeg or .png file format. The maximum file size is 512k and recommended size is 950 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.

Mission Statement
Add your mission statement (maximum 400 characters). This will appear beneath your organization’s name and logo at the top of your Donation Page, reminding donors why you exist.

Donation amounts
You can create up to 10 unique donation amounts with optional descriptions to show donors what their gifts can do (example: $25 – provide basics for a sheltered mom in need). A list that’s specific for your nonprofit is a great way to reinforce your case for giving. It can persuade donors and build trust, since they want to know the impact of their donations. Graphic example.

In the list of JustGive donation options, “Other,” where donors can enter their own amount, is always included.

If you don’t enter custom amounts, the default amounts are $25, $50, $75, and $100.

Tip: For holiday giving, consider increasing the donation amounts listed to obtain larger gifts, since you know it’s the prime season for generosity.

Program Designations
GLT2When making a donation, your donor can specify which program they’d like to support. The default programs listed on your donation page are “General Fund” and “Other.” You can edit them and add other program names to the list at any time (unlimited). You can also reorder the list – to highlight programs that most need of support at the top of the list.  Graphic example.

These options give you a great way to drive donations to new, popular or seasonal programs too (like an adopt-a-family program for the holidays).

JustGive Donation Page Address
You can simplify your JustGive Donation Page website address so it’s easy to remember, track, and use in other marketing and fundraising efforts too. Just enter a custom ending to your URL.

For example, the nonprofit Save The Golden Lion Tamarin’s donation page is located at, and they’ve also customized it to be

Both your original URL and your custom address will work for donors.


Getting started

To customize your organization’s Donation Page, just log in and click on Edit Donation Page.

And just in case you’ve forgotten, JustGive’s Donation Pages are mobile-optimized so your donors can give from their smartphones, ipads or tablets—anywhere, anytime.

Taking the time to customize your Donation Page can yield great results. Here’s to creating a more effective, personalized page that generates more donations for your work!

– Candy Culver
Marketing Consultant

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What’s Included in JustGive’s Donation Report for Nonprofits?


Featured Nonprofit FAQ:
What’s included in the Donation Report for nonprofits?

When your organization collects donations through JustGive, we provide detailed reporting for each donation you receive. You can view reports online, and download them as a PDF, CSV or Excel or XML file to use in your own database.

An example of a JustGive donation report (dummy data). Click to enlarge

An example of a JustGive donation report (dummy data). Click to enlarge

What information is included in JustGive’s Donation Report for nonprofits?

Here’s a detailed explanation of the data included in a JustGive Donation Report:

  • Source: This is the where the donation came from. In some cases it will read “JustGive,” but you may also see names of other JustGive partners whose users made donations to your organization such as PointWorthy, Cisco, Capella and others. If you are using a custom JustGive donate button or link, the source will display “Donate Now Button” for donations that came directly through your button or link.
  • Donation ID: This is the JustGive transaction number for the donation.
  • Partner Donation ID: This is the transaction identifier that a JustGive partner may have assigned when the donation was made.
  • Date: The date the donation was processed.
  • Name, Address, Email: If the donor chose to share this information with your organization, a name, mailing address and email address will be displayed. Donors can choose to share one, two, all or none of this information when they donate. If a field says “Anon” (Anonymous), that means the donor did not share the information.
  • Program: The specific program in your organization, if any, that the donor designated for the donation.
  • Gift Dedication: If the donor made the donation as a gift for someone, the gift recipient’s name will be displayed.
  • Memorial Dedication: If the donor made the donation in someone’s memory, the name of the person they gave in honor of will be displayed.
  • Recurring: If the donation made was part of a monthly recurring donation, “yes” will be displayed. (If it was not, “no” will be displayed.)
  • Donation Amount: The amount of the donation made by the donor. It is also the amount that was charged to the donor’s credit card.
  • Amount disbursed: The amount of the donation your organization is receiving, after fees were applied.

For more helpful question and answers, visit the JustGive Nonprofit Support Center.

– Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

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Nonprofit Fundraising Services: New & Improved

How we can better serve our nonprofit customers has preoccupied our thinking this year. We know the JustGive website is a vital tool that helps you get more donations, track them, and manage donor data.

Each year, JustGive collects and disburses millions of dollars in donations to thousands of charities—so to make it easier to find the information you need and save you time managing your account, we’ve improved the Nonprofit Services section of our website.

Better description of JustGive’s services
We’ve updated our informational pages about JustGive’s nonprofit donation services and our nonprofit donation reports. Whether you’ve been using JustGive for a while or you’ve just received your first donation check from us, these new pages give you a clear overview of what JustGive provides.


quicklinksImproved organization & navigation for your nonprofit account
We’ve cleaned things up a bit in your nonprofit account area, and added a new homepage you’ll see after logging in that gives you a snapshot of your donation totals for the current month and year to date. Plus, we made it quicker to access your donate buttons, your donation page (including editing it), your donation reports, and more.

NEW: Downloadable QR code for your website or event
We’ve had a lot of requests for QR codes from our nonprofits, so this is now built right into your account. Visit the Donate Buttons page to download a QR code that has your custom JustGive donation page website address embedded in it. Place it on your website or printed materials—your donors can quickly scan it and are immediately sent to your donation page.

Here’s an example of one for JustGive’s donation page:


Additional nonprofit resources
We’re often asked for referrals to companies providing other nonprofit services. So we’ve added a Nonprofit Resources page to our site that lists and links you to some of our key partners that can help you with fundraising strategy, recruiting quality volunteers, and more.

question-mark-icon-dc_icon_question_markNonprofit Support Center
Have a question about your JustGive account or our services? Visit our improved and streamlined Nonprofit Support Center for everything you need to know about creating a JustGive nonprofit account, collecting donations, viewing reports, and more.

Go check out our new & improved Nonprofit Services area. Have other ideas about how we can improve the nonprofit section? Leave a comment here on the blog to let us know.

– Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

Can Donors Make Recurring Donations?


Featured Nonprofit FAQ:
Can a donor make a recurring donation to our organization through JustGive?

When it comes to processing donations for nonprofit organizations, one question we’re often asked is if it’s possible for donors to set up a recurring donation using JustGive’s services.

Can a donor make a recurring/ongoing monthly donation to our organization through JustGive?

Answerrecurring screenshot
Yes! When you use JustGive to process your online donations, donors have the option to check a box to make their donation recurring. When they complete the transaction, they are charged for the initial donation and then again each month for the same amount. Donors can modify this recurring donation at any time through their JustGive account.

TIP: Encourage recurring donations and ongoing support from your donors by pre-checking the box on your Donation Page. To do that, just add some text (“&isRecurring=true”) onto your custom JustGive Donation Page website link, like this:

When donors click your donation button or link from your website—with that additional text included—they land on your Donation Page with the “Make this a monthly recurring donation” box already checked. (Donors can easily uncheck this box if they do not want to make their donation recurring.)

For more helpful question and answers, visit the JustGive Nonprofit Support Center.

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– Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

Are There Service Fees for Nonprofits?


Featured Nonprofit FAQ
Are There Service Fees for Nonprofits?

Here at JustGive, we offer services that help you fundraise and reach more donors, including the ability to process online donations. One question we’re often asked is if there are fees associated with our services.

Is there a cost for our nonprofit organization to have a JustGive account or to use JustGive’s donation services?

There is no set up or monthly fee for nonprofits to use JustGive. It’s free for any 501(c)(3) organization to sign up for an account on JustGive.

Once you have a nonprofit account, you can also create a custom donation page for your organization, and place donation buttons and links on your website to collect online donations. We handle all the processing of those donations and mail your organization a monthly check for donations received.

When a donor makes a donation to your nonprofit through your JustGive donation page, button or link, we deduct a 4.5% processing fee to cover transaction costs and credit card fees. This fee is deducted from the donation before we send payment to you. (JustGive doesn’t bill you at any time.)

justgiveDonors have the option at checkout to cover the processing fee, which allows 100% of the donation to go to your organization.

For donations made directly through the JustGive site (, there is an additional flat charge of $.35 deducted per donation.

But for nonprofits np_btn_donate_nowusing a JustGive Donation Page or custom Donate Now button or link, we waive the $.35 flat charge.

Find out more about collecting donations on JustGive.

– Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

NEW & Improved: JustGive’s Support Center for Nonprofits

helpiconWe’re happy to announce we’ve revamped the content in our Nonprofit Support Center. After looking at the primary reasons why nonprofits were contacting JustGive support, we reorganized and rewrote all our content.

Our Support Center is now organized into sections that reflect the key ways you use JustGive’s services:

Signing Up / Creating an Account
Collecting Donations on JustGive
Donation Payments
Account Management

In each section, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions and detailed answers. We hope this helps you find answers to your questions more quickly, and also makes it easy to discover more about the many services JustGive offers.

For easy access, bookmark our new Nonprofit Support Center and use it as the first place to check for answers to your questions.

And before we sign off, here are the top 5 articles nonprofits were reading in our new Support Center last week:

How can our nonprofit register for or get listed in the JustGive charity database?
Is there a cost for our organization to have a JustGive account or use JustGive’s services?
When is payment sent for the donations we receive? When is the check mailed?
What fees are we charged for donations made to our organization through the JustGive website?
We just received a check from JustGive. How do we find out what it is for?

Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

Your Donor Information


To answer your frequently asked questions, we’re including them in our nonprofit blog. Subscribe to the blog and use it as a place to check for answers. Each month, we’ll feature a question we get asked on a regular basis.

Featured Nonprofit FAQ
Donor Information

When using JustGive to process your online donations, you’ll want to keep a record of your donors and their contact information so you can thank them and add them to your donor database.

Will we receive contact information for our JustGive donors?

That depends on the donor’s preference.

When you view your donations through JustGive’s online donation report, you’ll see the donor’s name, email address, and/or mailing address—unless the donor chooses to remain anonymous. If they make an anonymous donation, we honor their request and will not disclose donor information (per our privacy policy).

Here’s an example of what the donation report looks like:

donation report

JustGive takes care of immediately sending a tax receipt to each and every donor for their gift. It’s not a bad idea to send a thank you note from your organization too. Just make sure to thank donors for the full value of their donation.

Allowing donors to choose their own privacy settings is one of the benefits of JustGive, and it’s one way we break down the barriers to giving.

For more nonprofit FAQs, visit our Help Center

– Alex Mechanic
Service Team Manager

Behind the Data Curtain: Where JustGive Gets Charity Information

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Featured FAQ:
JustGive’s Charity Data

If you’ve spent time on the JustGive website, you know that you can search a database of nearly 2 million 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, and you’ve probably wondered about our source for the information.

Where does JustGive get all that charity data from?

We use two sources for the charity data on JustGive: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Exempt Organizations database and GuideStar®, the premier organization that offers up-to-date information on hundreds of thousands of nonprofits.

The IRS database is available online, and contains the information for registered 501(c)(3) charitable organizations (or “exempt organizations” as they refer to them).

On the IRS website, you can look up a single charity’s information and status, or download the entire database of exempt organizations. The IRS also maintains data on charities that have had their exempt status revoked, and in many cases, reinstated.

We also partner with GuideStar, which puts a more user-friendly face on the IRS data, and gathers information about impact, transparency, governance, and more.

The JustGive website experience

When you search for a charity on JustGive, you’ll often see pages of search results. The results list charities from the GuideStar database that match your search term(s). CharityInfoPopupClick on the charity’s hyper-linked name and a window will pop up with even more vital information, including the organization’s mission, financial data, programs and more. All this data can help you find out more about an organization you may want to support.

Nonprofit Tip

If you’re a nonprofit, it’s a best practice to claim your organization on the GuideStar Exchange and be sure your information is up-to-date. This ensures that donors see the latest information about your organization when they are searching on JustGive, and that you receive checks from us in a timely manner.

For more FAQs, visit our Help Center.

– Sarah Bacon
Director of Product