#GivingTuesday Tips for Success


Less than 4 weeks to go until #GivingTuesday. Here’s what you need to know.

GivingTuesday, the global day of giving, is November 29th. It offers a huge opportunity to increase awareness for your cause and support for your organization while reaching out to new and current donors. There are many ways to get your staff and the community involved in your #GivingTuesday. The three areas of focus we’re highlighting are fundraising, collaboration and communication.
Launching a #GivingTuesday campaign helps kick off your year-end fundraising campaign and creates awareness within your community. Customize your donation page and take advantage of our free Donate Now button features. Add a #GivingTuesday top graphic and message on your page, customize your donation amounts and descriptions, and include a special program designation for #GivingTuesday.

The more your donors feel connected to the #GivingTuesday theme and tie-in, the more likely they are to participate in the movement.

Join our webinar: “An introduction to JustGive’s Donate Now button” on Wednesday, November 9 at 2pm ET. We’ll show you how to customize your Donate Now button so you can raise more donations and reduce fundraising fees.

Rally your community and get others involved. Reach out to local businesses for support or collaborate with other local nonprofits and present a united front to the local merchants association. Offering a good word may be enough for a local business to invest in a community board announcing #GivingTuesday and give 10% of net proceeds from sales on the day or offer a matching gift.

Set a goal and ask a board member or corporate sponsor to match donations for the day. You can use this to incentivize new or larger donations during your campaign.

Social media is the key to making sure your message is received and shared to new audiences. Build momentum with your supporters in advance and communicate a consistent message across several channels, including email. Starting with your email list, get the word out about #GivingTuesday and don’t forget to encourage your #GivingTuesdayaudience to share.

Make your posts compelling and share-worthy. Give donors a clear message and encourage them to tweet, post, snap and share.

For more tips and tools, #GivingTuesday offers free toolkits, sample messages, promos, and more.

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Andrea Lloyd
Business Development Director

Keep your “stuff,” I want CHANGE!

I Care: About supporting charity. It’s my thing.

My Friends: They’re everywhere.

Facebook. Twitter. Google+ (I’ve got circles and hangouts galore). I even have blogosphere followers.  Okay so they probably aren’t all friends, but in the social media generation, I’ve got a big network that reaches from the kids I went to elementary school with, to college dorm mates, to travelers I met abroad, to my friends and coworkers of today.

My Event: Is going to make a difference.

I’m having a birthday celebration and raising money for several of my favorite women’s health charities. It’s just one way I can personally create change—but the possibilities are endless: You can run that marathon you’ve been meaning to get in shape for, shave your luscious locks (or hard-earned moustache), throw a holiday party or tie the knot while incorporating charity.


My Plan: I’ve decided to combine my thing, my people, and my event to do something AWESOME.

In a world with a gifting currency of “stuff,” for my birthday I’m requesting a charitable donation instead. (And you can too.) I find online registries to be one of the best ways to raise money and track my progress.

For my birthday I simply:

  • Set up an account with JustGive
  • Added my favorite women’s health charities
  • Wrote a quick story about what this cause means to me
  • Uploaded a photo, and invited my friends to join!

If you also care about women’s health issues, October (breast cancer awareness month) is the perfect month to fundraise–there are plenty of races and charities that will plan the event for you! You can also create a Memorial Registry in honor of a loved one who battled a health related illness and raise money to support research and education.

For any reason and every cause, it’s easy to raise money through an online registry.

>>Facebook: Tell us what inspires you. How are you creating real change?
>>Wedding Charity Registry: Are you getting married or do you know a couple that is? Charity is the perfect way to share the love.
>>Memorial Registry: A meaningful way to honor a life. Read about my aunt and how my family celebrated her legacy.

— Michelle Koffler, Marketing Coordinator